Special SLP Guest Speaker Rebecca Baxter CertMRCSLT

On Saturday, March 10th, the NLDSS is hosting a full day of training called Developing speech and language skills for children with Down syndrome. This event will be at St. Mark’s Anglican Church Parish Hall and is open to early childhood educators, teachers, family members, students or any other interested individual. Registration for the half day is only $10 for students or members of the NLDSS and $15 for everyone else. If you want to attend the full day session it will be $20 for students or members of NLDSS and $25 for everyone else.  To register, you can e-mail nldss@nl.rogers.com or call the office at 738-3336.

About Becky:

Becky is a speech and language therapist registered with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice and the Health and Care Professions Council.  

Following registration as a speech and language therapist Becky worked at Down Syndrome Education International for 4 years. Her roles included delivering specialist early development groups for children with Down syndrome from birth to school age; managing an outreach support service to children with Down syndrome in local mainstream schools, providing specialist assessment and consultancy services with families and in schools as well as delivering training conferences and workshops around the world.

 In 2011 Becky started the independent practice LETS Go! providing a comprehensive range of services developed to support children, families and professionals covering a  variety of speech, language and developmental needs. She continues to work as a consultant for Down Syndrome Education International providing training and consulting on the development of resources including the See and Learn teaching programs.  

In 2013 Becky co-wrote a book chapter with Dr Kelly Burgoyne and Professor Sue Buckley.  This chapter is entitled Developing the reading skills of children with Down syndrome which features in the book Educating Learners with Down Syndrome: Research, theory, and practice with children and adolescents.  

Becky has a Masters degree in Language and Communication Impairments in Children through Sheffield University. This program included an in depth focus on a diverse range of specific areas and client groups including; cognition, memory, literacy, written difficulties, numeracy, teaching, social communication, autism and autistic spectrum disorders, emotional and behavioural difficulties, moderate and severe learning difficulties, verbal dyspraxia, hearing impairment and supporting communication through the use of alternative and augmentative communication. She is currently working towards completing a  Doctorate in Clinical Communication Science at University College London.

For more information on Rebecca Baxter please visit her home page.

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Special SLP Guest Speaker