Faithful support from United Way NL, our faithful golf tournament participants and others have enabled us to provide needed services (speech and occupational therapy) to our members.

Speech Therapy and
Occupational Therapy
Every year, the society budgets for the provision of speech therapy and occupational therapy for member families. Unfortunately, the ability to provide these essential services is provided through various fundraising events, and without help from any government agency. In light of this, this opportunity is currently only available in the St. John’s area. As a society, our intention is to help ensure that all children with Down syndrome have access to the services they need. We will continue to lobby government, and we will continue to do our best to raise awareness about DS.

For more information or to help us in our efforts, call 738-3336
or toll free 1-877-738-3336.

Music Therapy
NLDSS and Adya Sequeira our Music Therapist are very excited for our upcoming 2017 Summer therapy sessions. If members/non members would like more information about the program, please contact the office at

Registration will start soon. Stay tuned for more information.


with Tara K. Antle, BSc, AHN, RHN, RNCP
Springing into Health is designed to provide every day healthy living tips that’ll make a huge difference to your over all health and well being!

It’s a fun, practical and educational session!! Hold on to your seats while you learn more about:

• What’s actually in food?
• The impact food plays towards our health!
• Creative ways to step things up a notch when it comes to exercise!
• Learn how to play food detective to help with healthier food choices!

Join Nutritionist Tara Antle, BSc.AHN, RHN, RNCP and Fitness Coach Joanne McDonald as we embrace our health. Schedule of upcoming sessions will be posted on our Calendar page.  2017 sessions TBA.

Sporting Events and Special Olympics
Being active is a huge part of staying healthy and having a great time. We host, or take part in, many great sporting events throughout the year (keep an eye on our Calendar page for details on when these events are taking place), including:

Annual Golf Tournament Our golf tournament took place on August 24, 2017. Please contact our office if you would like information on next year’s tournament.

Special Olympics – One of the highlights of our year, the Special Olympics offer a chance for friendly competition, healthy living, a lot of fun and opportunities to meet lots of amazing new friends.

Summer Camp – Our 2017 Summer Camp will took place July21 through July 23rd. Families took part in lots of activities including swimming, boating, talent shows, etc. This is an annual event, please see our calendar page for more information.

Zumba – Zumba is a great way to have a lot of fun mixing dance and cardio. Fitness Coach Joanne McDonald hosts Zumba classes as part of our Springing Into Health program.