Welcome new families!
When presented with the gift of a child with Down Syndrome, the NLDSS firmly believes that having the opportunity to speak directly with a parent or caretaker who has already gone through the process is invaluable. It is important to get the facts around Down Syndrome, and not to be bogged down or disheartened with dated or inaccurate materials available in printed form or on the internet.

Please contact us and enjoy the opportunity to informally talk with a parent of a child with DS.

Toll Free: 1-877-738-3336
Local Dial: 738-3336

Spreading Our Wings.
Setup your own NLDSS Chapter
We are looking for folks to set up NLDSS chapters and groups across the province in rural communities. We’re a provincial organization and want to work with you and your community’s families.

Families from across the province are welcome to become members, set up their own chapters, take part in our monthly meetings (by conference call and online if more practical), as well as have access to our programs, research libraries, events and programs.

We know that having a section on our website about Facebook seems a little silly, but when talking about “Outreach” in 2017, you need to include Facebook. Our friends and families are all on there, we’re sharing our lives every day and know that when we talk about and share our experiences with the NLDSS on Facebook it is seen and heard. We encourage everyone to join our Facebook page and share your photos and stories.

Canadian Down Syndrome Society
We work with and partner with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society everyday. Having a national organization as a partner has helped us access programs and information, as well as give us a stronger voice across the country.

Store Access
We have created a series of t-shirts, hats, wristbands and other merchandise for members and families to show their support for Down Syndrome Awareness and the NLDSS.

Click here to see what items we currently have for sale in the store.

Proclamations by the Province
We are always working with provincial and municipal governments to see that they recognize Down Syndrome Awareness Week in a public way, and are doing all they can to help families in their communities. These meetings and public events with government are a great way to expand the message of overall DS awareness.

Strategic Partnerships with local lobby groups
We are always looking for ways to work with other community groups, and have a great relationship with the Coalition of Persons with Disabilities. If you have friends or colleagues involved in organizations that should be working with NLDSS please let us know. We’re just getting started and have a lot of work to do.