Faron Theodore Hynes


In February 2009 Jeff Hutchings received a phone call from a mother who had just lost her son to a brief and sudden illness. The death was a shock to all who knew this special boy, including his second family at the Newfoundland and Labrador Down Syndrome Society.

On the phone the mother told Jeff about some fond memories she had of her son, especially how he loved the light because he could play with all the shadows. Jeff talked for awhile with the mother about these “shadow puppets”, and that night, sat down and wrote the poem Shadow Puppets in Heaven – a gift from one friend to another that have brought comfort to a grieving family.

Listen to Faron’s Song:

Illustrated by Theresa MacKnight, Shadow Puppets in Heaven is a beautiful little book that also comes with a CD featuring “Faron’s Song”, a tune prepared and recorded by Deborah Cantwell and students of Beachy Cove Elementary School in Portugal Cove-St. Phillips.

Stocks are getting low, but we do still have some copies of the book (including CD) available for sale for $20. E-mail us if you would like to purchase one.

Shadow Puppets in Heaven is a tribute to all children who have left this World too early. Is is a tribute to all special needs children whose innocence and bright eyes remind us everyday of the simple pleasures in life and to not take one day for granted. We hope this project will console other families who are touched by the loss of a child.

The Shadow Puppets in Heaven project is dedicated to Faron, who will remain in our hearts and minds. Until we meet again sweet angel…